Free Lite version of our WhatsApp Bulk sender.

Send WhatsApp messages in bulk with this tool.

This post is special as in this we are providing free trial of our just made software: Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender.

With this version, you can send messages to 12 contacts you stored in “contacts.txt” file in the downloaded extract. View ‘help.txt’ file for more information.

You also have the option to send random text from many messages. For that just separate the messages with ‘|||’ ( three vertical bars) and it will separate them out and then send random message to each user from the list.

To download click the link below:

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Updates are always free to download and features will be added in the updated versions as per the users’ requests.

You can submit suggestions, improvements for the software in the comments.

To buy the complete version, go to 

For the video tutorial on how to send messages, visit:

Any query or a modified version for your personal use at cheap rates, directly contact on WhatsApp:

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